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What is justice abroad?

Every day the media reports about ordinary people who travel overseas for work or leisure and then face legal issues in the countries to which they travel only to then find that they are unable to access the support and assistance that they need.

British citizens may feel abandoned to find their own way through a foreign justice system with all the associated hurdles that presents.

Fear not!!! The Justice Abroad team of experts is here to help you.

  • Have you or someone you know been wrongly arrested abroad and you are still fighting for justice?

  • Have you lost a loved one to a homicide, or suspicious or unexplained death abroad and you are still fighting for answers and justice?

  • Are you or a family member stuck somewhere after a natural disaster or war has broken out?

  • Do you need a proper investigation to be carried out and evidence to be gathered to assist with your trial or appeal or with submissions that the proceedings were unfair?

  • Do you need help getting the media interested in your story or need advocacy made for the proper treatment of yourself or a loved one?

  • Have you had a politically motivated or unlawfully INTERPOL notice issued against you or are you facing extradition proceedings which has resulted in your seizure or prevented you from important travel?

  • Has your child been abducted, and you need help locating them and having the child returned to the jurisdiction?

  • Are there assets to which you are entitled which look to have been taken abroad and you would like to trace them and have them returned to you?

  • Do you need to make submissions to UN human rights bodies about your treatment?

  • Do you need to find legal advice and assistance in the United Kingdom or abroad to assist in enforcing your rights or gaining justice and compensation?

Three unique experts David Swindle, Michael Polak, and David Walters have pooled their extensive expertise to provide you with an unparalleled support, advice and guidance, legal, advocacy, and investigatory service for your Justice Abroad issues anywhere in the world.

The joined up support of these three experts with their trusted international pool of multilingual experts, their networks, and media contacts and their well-documented determination to leave no stone unturned in the search for the truth and justice for families who have been denied it are here to provide that much needed support for families and individuals in their time of need.

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