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Justice Abroad Services

Arrested Abroad

We provide advice and assistance to help secure the release of those detained abroad. We can liase with government departments, unions, and police departments to ensure that you are treated fairly and returned to the United Kingdom at the earliest opportunity.


We conduct independent reviews of investigations to help advocate for families whose loved ones are killed abroad as a result of homicide or in suspicious or unexplained circumstances.


We help provide the legal advice you need to guard against miscarriages of justice and to ensure redress for those who have been the victim of crime in the United Kingdom or overseas through our international network.

Investigation and Review

We gather and review the evidence needed to succeed in court, report on the fairness of proceedings to assist in advocacy, and review cases to ensure victims of crime and those arrested and their families receive the highest standard of support wherever they are.


We make submission to remove INTERPOL notices and assist negotiate extradition arrangements or help fight extradition if needed.


We help campaign for those who have have had their rights breached anywhere in the world and can help to hold those in power to account

Media Campaigns and Advocacy

We advocate to gain support for those in need and can ensure that your case is given the media attention required to help your cause.


We can run Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) and cultural awareness programmes to ensure that your staff are safe and effective when they work abroad

Child Abduction

We can locate children abducted by a family member and advise on the most expedient method of return through the court in the United Kingdom or abroad.

Disaster Management

We assist those who need assistance or evacuation because of natural disaster or war through our expertise in this area and our international contacts.

asset tracing

We trace assets removed from the jurisdiction as well as assets that clients may be entitled to that are hidden or unclaimed.


We prepare submissions to the UN Human Rights Council, the UN Special Procedures, the Human Rights Committee, the European Court of Human Rights, and other regional human rights bodies.

Other Justice, DIPLOMATIC, and LAW ENFORCement and investigatory Services

Get in touch with us and we will let you know if we can help with your particular situation.

The services above and many more are provided by three experts David Walters, Michael Polak and David Swindle who have pooled their extensive expertise in diplomatic assistance, the law, police investigations in a range of sensitive situations to assist you.

The joined up support of these three experts, their international pool of multilingual experts, networks, media contacts and well documented determination to leave no stone unturned in the search for the truth and justice for families will provide that much needed support for families experiencing Justice Abroad issues.



Speak with us and Meet the Team

We can discuss your needs over the phone and arrange a meeting to discuss this if needed.


Liaising with Government Departments & Foreign Institutions

We will identify foreign and international institutions able to assist with your case and help to communicate your needs to them.


Gain Public & Government Support

We will ensure that your case is given the attention it needs by governmental departments and the public.


Expert Investigatory and Legal Assistance

We can provide top investigatory and evidence gathering services as well as the legal assistance you need in the UK and abroad.

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